The Fakenham and Dereham Talking Newspaper Association

Notice to all our customers

Fakenham Talking Times is an organisation dedicated to the recording and distribution of up-to-date voice media for the home

Registered Charity No. 289662

Notice to all our customers Oct 2020

Welcome to edition 1852 of the Fakenham Talking Times - digital edition online.

We are very pleased to welcome you to the new news-player.
If you have any questions you can put a note in the
pouch when you return the memory stick.
If you have a problem with your equipment
please call 01328 856226.

If you would like to hear an item over again, you can use the
forward>> and rewind<< buttons.

The show will play automatically all the way through.

So, sit back and enjoy your very own Talking Times recording.