The Fakenham and Dereham Talking Newspaper Association

Notice to all our customers


Fakenham Talking Times is an organisation dedicated to the recording and distribution of up-to-date voice media for the home


Registered Charity No. 289662

Notice to all our customers
JUNE 2012

The recording and playing equipment we use to create our Talking Newspaper has now been changed to a modern digital system. As used by many similar organisations all over the country.

This new technology is compact and easy to use. There will still be the usual reading team whos voices you already know.



This new digital system uses a computer to store the Talking Newspaper, it is then transfered to a memory stick which you can play in a computer or the BoomBox.

Please be assured that the new system using memory sticks will be just as easy to use as is the present system using tapes.

And please remember to return your questionnaire, as we value your thoughts and suggestions.

Please return your memory sticks in the same manner as you did with your tapes.

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